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I am Stellar.

Sunday, November 29th

bloop bloop bloop

mood: Content

smile I finished my Final Project for one of my classes, but I'm so behind in my other class. I got a 59/60 on the exam portion!!! I studied my butt off for it. Now I need to see what I got on the lab portion of it, I think I did pretty well. w00t.
Oh yeah I'll remind everyone: My main blog. This is a side website for me. I figured out what was happening to my iframe, and thought I needed to install gm on here but I don't think we can use programs like that.

I wanna mention a website I rediscovered last week for people who like movies: They have hundreds of films to download but I recommend going premium or else it takes 8-10 hours to download one movie.
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Friday, November 27th

So my site is not viewable now in google chrome and Microsoft browser. IDK I think my page got hacked or something because I can't figure out why this is happening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Tuesday, November 17th

Old stuff

mood: hungry????????///stressed

It's week 13!!! crazy Really not feeling it, and one of my classes is stressing me out because the professor is SO DISORGANIZED. Anyways, finished my data report and will upload that. Been dealing with some FB drama with an 'online' friend who said some messed up shit regarding a problematic movie character. Gave me a lot of anxiety after I ended the conversation with a bang. I ended up deleting the post, and I feel a lot better. I don't have time for anyone internalized misogyny, and don't try and came at me with some BS with attempting to humanize and empathize with r*apists and abusers. Yeah that's what she did...anyways.

I found ANOTHER old website of mine. I vaguely remember this layout. I uploaded it to neocities here. The calendar script doesn't work. The layout was created when I was in 8th grade which was in 2004!!!!!!!
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Tuesday, November 10th


music: When a Stranger Calls remake
mood: hungry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! check out My MAIN site! I'm interested in hosting you if you want a small personal space, or even to host your greymatter smile just e-mail me
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Monday, November 9th

its just cool

purplewormie (0k image) laugh out loud
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who cares

I keep forgetting my password because I'm stupid, then forget the password for my password manager so I have to re-upload a file.

TEST THIS THURSDAY I am freaking out. On top of that, I run out of medication on Thursday and I had to ration because there's a chance that they have to order it for me on Friday, and I won't get it until Thursday. So from Saturday-Tuesday, I'll have NO MEDICATION.

I have to write my literature review Thursday because I won't be able to this weekend.
I'll have to write-up and do anything else before or on Friday. I hate this.
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Friday, November 6th


Second or third greymatter set up. Took forever to get rid of the ugly borders, and have a plain entry set-up. School sucks, I just hope I get an A on this exam next week because I did it. I'm distracted by the election and life. I hate spam bots.
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Tuesday, November 3rd

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